Petrolettes RÄLLLY is an annual motorcycle ride out event for womxn. We want female riders to go out and ride – this weekend is a great chance to enjoy an unforgettable roadtrip with your moto-sisters. Our goal is to connect and bring womxn with the same passion together.

The RÄLLLY involves different tours around many cities worldwide. Each tour with a maximum distance of 300 kilometers / 185miles the route will be selected individually by every female rider. Participants can decide whether they want to ride alone or in a group. Petroleaders will provide checkpoints and organizes a group ride out.

To join our RÄLLLY you need to sign up to our COMMUNITY App and you’ll find all infos about your RÄLLLY city ride out in your city group. If your city isn’t activated yet, please let us know and we make sure to include your city. Just write us an email: rallly@petrolettes.com

If you like to become a Petroleader of your city please let us know: petroleader@petrolettes.com

You need to log in to our COMMUNITY App to find your city group – if your city is activated. All infos about a potential group ride out and checkpoints you’ll find right there.

If your city is not activated please log in to our COMMUNITY App and write us (rallly@petrolettes.com) which city you would like to activate and we will create a city group for you.

No, the RÄLLLY is for free.  Although you are welcome to help to  us with a donation for our RIDE WITH PURPOSE project.

All costs like gas, food or accommodation everyone pays for herself.

Yes, it’s most fun if we all do it together on the same weekend.

Yes, you can! You can ride either for 2 days, or 1 day.

The distance between checkpoints and back to your city will be no longer than 300km/185miles.

This weekend is about you, girl! Take the chance and go on a road trip with your moto-sisters or by yourself . On this weekend we want to see as many female riders as possible out there.

No, any female rider of any age is most welcome to join the fun.

No, any bike is welcome! You should make sure, your motorcycle is street legal and has no technical problems.

Every participant will be fully responsible for her own insurances. All female riders should have legally registered motorcycles including the minimum insurances associated with local motor vehicle registration processes.

No, best performance and speed are not relevant. When a Petroleader is announcig a group ride, participants need to follow Petroleader’s instructions. When riding alone pick you own speed pace.

No, we announce Petrolettes RÄLLLY to a female ride weekend. In each activated city a Petroleader will announce checkpoints and a group ride out. You can decide if you like to join the group ride out or if  you rather plan your tour  alone.

You’ll find all information about your group ride out on our COMMUNITY App:



Please write us an email to: rallly@petrolettes.com

We only accept maximum 2 Petroleader per city. When your city is not activated yet, just let us know.

If an activated city already has 1-2 Petroleaders we won’t take on more – SORRY!

Use the petrolettes hashtag based on your city (e.g. #petrolettesberlin, #petrolettesparis, #petrolettesmontreal).

You need to be a minimum of 5 female riders to activate your city.

If your city is not activated you need to look for more friends to join.

We can help – just let us know!

Yes, you can ride on your own.

To participate at our RÄLLLY please sign up to our COMMUNITY App and find moto-sisters in your area and/or worldwide. If a city is activated all infos about a possible group ride out, checkpoints will be provided in city group by given Petroleader.

Just like any other rallye you need to outline your own route. We emphasize sisterhood and want to connect female riders locally and globally. When a city is activated a Petroleader is announcing checkpoints and all infos to a possible group ride out. Please log in to our COMMUNITY App to find out all infos.

Petroleaders plan out checkpoints and a group ride out. If an overnight stay is included in the group ride out you’ll find out on our COMMUNITY App in your city group.

We highly recommend to include a Petroleader for each activated city. If a city doesn’t have a Petroleader there won’t be a group ride out without any plans of sleep overs.

Petrolettes RÄLLLY is a weekend full of joyment and about the fun of riding motorcycle with your moto-sisters. We want to connect female riders locally and globally. If you like to activate your city and become a Petroleader please let us know. We would love to hear from you: rallly@petrolettes.com

Do you have suggestions for checkpoints? Destinations that you love and would like to show to others? Become a Petroleader and help to organize your city ride out.

Help us to find 3 checkpoints which can be: sights, mountain tops, restaurants, ice cream parlours, bathing places at the lake, river or sea…
The total round trip should not be longer than 300km/185mi.

Write us: rallly@petrolettes.com

If you plan a sleepover at a camping site, hotel or B&B etc. make sure a couple more of female bikers can possible stay as well. It is not easy to plan a sleepover without knowing how many women exactly will come with you. Also, the situation with Corona might be hard to find an accomidation which is open and running.

No, every participant has to organize on their own. You will have plenty of options to stop along the way to find food and drinks. If you participate in a group ride out organized by a Petroleader of your activated city you might stop and have a break with food, drinks according to the Petroleader’s plans. To get in touch with your Petroleader and city group use our COMMUNITY App and get all info in your city group.


Safety is always the priority. If a city is experiencing extreme conditions, the event will be cancelled in that city. If it’s just a raining a bit – get out your raingear.

RÄLLLY participation is at each individual’s own risk and responsibility. We are not responsible for any damages or injuries.

If you got into a serious accident make sure to call the local police and if you hurt yourself make sure to get medical care.


Lifetime memories, a lot of fun, adventures, sisterhood and an escape out of your daily chores!


You can get RÄLLLY flags and T-Shirts , bandanas for your RÄLLLY experience in our webshop: https://petrolettes.com/shop/

No, you can not. We have our own merchandise and please respect our brand.