Petrolettes is an annual female-only biker festival celebrating women on motorcycles. We are one-of-a kind, growing every year and igniting the dreams of people across the motorcycling world.
The first Petrolettes took place in 2016 with 250 riders from all over Europe.
Since then we’ve been the destination for like-minded women of all ages to get together and share the adrenaline rush.

R i d e  O u t s  &  R a c e s

There is no more powerful feeling than riding with hundreds of women through the countryside together. The routes we choose are always winding, beautiful and fun so you can get down with loads of other female bikers while you turn the gas tap up.
The Petrolettes Festival offers a race every year. The only condition: You are a visitor of the festival! Before the festival, the exact nature of the race will be announced. The registration takes place on site. Take a look at our photo gallery of the past years to get a feeling.

S u m m e r  C a m p

On our festival campus ‘into the wild’ we offer several camping and sleeping facilities (view more info here: link to accommodation options and online ticket shop including climbing the trees and play activities (arrow and bow) around the clock.
Creative food and drinks will be provided on site. During the day all stalls are open and several motorbike manufacturers offer their latest bike models for test rides. Each year we invite guest speakers to lecture and we invite you to join our workshops (more to come soon).

B a n d s  &  P e r f o r m s

For the night program we gather exciting newcomers, well-known girl bands and performers on our summer stage. Later at night DJanes will spin tunes to get you moving at the heated dance floor. Our all-time favourite, the cozy campfire is back to relax everyone at the end of the day.

M a r k e t  P l a c e

Powerful engines demand powerful fashion. At the festival we expertly curate a wide selection of marketplaces offering the latest female motor gear and lifestyle products. If you have a brand or product you think we would like – get in touch with