LET’S LIFT EACH OTHER UP! Never stop learning! We have to challenge ignorance and our own biases. We activate our global comunity to learn and support from each other.

RIDE WITH PURPOSE project is about connecting womxn with various cultural and economic backgrounds, to network, gain insight and interacting with female riders globally.

As part of the international effort of our non-profit association Petrolettes CIRCLE we highlight several amazing projects established by womxn.




Andrea Coleman,
CO-founder and CEO
of Two Wheels For Life

"Using motorcycles for healthcare delivery in The Gambia."

Alison Gruen,
Founder of
Two Wheels To Freewill

"Ignite women’s emancipation and self-empowerment through motorcycling."

Behnaz Shafiei,
motorcycle racer

"Seeing a woman doing whatever she wanted on a motorcycle when I was little, I knew I was going to ride one as well."

On a visit to Africa, Andrea Coleman couldn’t believe what she was seeing, women dying in childbirth due to lack of transportation… Something had to be done about this, so she founded Riders for Health with her husband Barry Coleman (a journalist) and ex-GP racer Randy Mamola (USA).

Former motorcycle racer, Andrea Coleman has dedicated her life to using motorcycles for humanitarian causes.
Everything started when, back at 19, she went on a trip to Mexico and saw people living in extreme poverty: that sparked a desire in her to help others.


Later on and back home, she married Tom Herron, a professional motorcycle racer, who unfortunately lost his life in a fatal accident on a race track. Following his death and with two year-old twin girls to raise, Andrea moved away from the world of racing.


That until one day Randy Mamola, former motorcycle racer of the highest calibre who knew Andrea’s story, contacted her: he needed someone to take care of his public relations.

It was working alongside him that Andrea started making competitions a resource for raising funds for non-profit organizations. On their first trip to Africa, they both realized that there was a lack of help focused on transportation.


From that moment on, Riders For Health was founded. Their aim was to find ways of getting healthcare consistently and cost-effectively to remote communities in Africa, making sure nobody died because of lack of transport.


In 2016 Riders transferred to entirely African leadership. The founders remain involved. Andrea is, in fact, the CEO of Two Wheels for Life, partner organisation to Riders established in the same year, to take over the fundraising activities in a smaller, cheaper and more agile team, and to continue to support Riders operations. By splitting of programme management the UK and US based team could dedicate themselves solely to fundraising.


Two Wheels for Life’s aim is to grow a global movement to support transport to save lives in Africa.

In Africa, the finish line is never the same, but at every pit stop these riders-operators bring hope, along with their care.

 “Women in MotoGP” publication about Andrea Coleman:



One of the recent Two Wheels for Life releases:


FreeW is a movement connecting women motorcyclists and aspiring motorcyclists to inspire personal freedom while providing them with economic opportunities in the motorsports and tourism industries.

Originally founded by the French-born Alison Gruen, FreeW’s mission is to ignite women’s emancipation and self-empowerment through motorcycling.


Alison herself is a lifelong motorcycle rider who took her first long ride on the back of her father’s bike at the age of 4, got her first scooter at the age of 14, and her first Harley-Davidson at the age of 19. Many other motorcycle adventures followed, including two life-changing adventures in the Himalayas of India and Nepal, which strongly influenced her venture.
It was in 2015, when she moved to Malaysia, that she discovered the power of sisterhood and these special connections women develop on the road together.


In 2020 she decided to turn her passions into a mission: encourage women to exercise their freewill by boosting their self-confidence, challenging societal stereotypes, and fostering sisterhood across borders.


That’s when she founded FreeW, to encourage women to overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs.


“W for Women, or the power of womanhood. Investing in women is investing in more sustainable, balanced, and inclusive economies.
W for Will, to encourage women to exercise their freewill by strengthening their self-confidence, challenging societal stereotypes and opening our sisters’ minds to all possibilities in front of them.


​W for Wheels, because freedom starts within us, and motorcycling is a powerful vehicle to unleash the potential of women, both economically and emotionally.

​W for Walter, my father who transmitted to me his passion for riding.”

Find out more about Alison Gruen and her projects here:


Behnaz Shafiei is one of the few women in Iran riding motocross at a high level. The lively 32-year-old says she has loved motorcycles since she was a child but only took up her passion as a teenager.


From the beginning the fact that she was a female received mixed reactions. Some men were encouraging and said, “that’s great”, “don’t stop”, and asked whether she was “really a girl?”, but there were also others who chanted things like, “girls should be in the kitchen, not on motorbikes” or “you should ride a washing machine not a motorbike.”
Behnaz preferred practicing at nighttime when she could develop her skills in peace.

Getting involved in motorcycle racing was an uphill battle from the start in Iran, a country where women can’t even get a license to ride motorcycles on the streets. She was one of the first women in the country to get official permission from Iran’s Motorcycle and Automobile Federation to practice off-road.
Despite this, she is still not allowed to compete in official races and she often lacks the funds to make the trips because she doesn’t have enough sponsors.

Recently, Behnaz went to the “Women Rides” night festival in Milan, Italy. She was the only woman from Asia or the Middle East to go out of the 300 people who attended.
“I can’t imagine living even one more day of my life without a motorbike now,” she says. “That’s why I’m going to one day open a motorbike club for women in Iran so other women can also enjoy it.”

When Behnaz was at Petrolettes 2019 she was invited to an interview with edition F afterwards.

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In 2019 Behnaz came and visit Petrolettes FESTIVAL to speak about her accomplishment. Afterwards she did an interview at EDITION F.

Take a look at what she said translated into german  here:



With this project "Ride with Purpose" we support womxn in our community and their work. It is important to highlight special and strong projects set up by and for womxn. Our partners across the globe run amazing projects and we are looking to expand our network.
In this project we are looking to give womxn a platform and the means to get international funds.
Helping to gain more visibilaty, to keep on going with their amazing work. We invite all of them to our festival, and collecting funds through our sponsors for equipment and training.

With your contribution, you will support us in working towards a holistic and sustainable project for womxn in mobility.
Such as:
– gear and funds through our sponsors
– funds for marketing
– funds for training
– networking and exchange
– platform

We will be working with motorcyclists and tuk tuk drivers in Asia and Africa.

Stay tuned - we will keep you updated!