In an extraordinary year 2020 we managed to get something amazing going:


Go out and RIDE!
We will do it again! Save the date:
June 04 – 06. 2021


PETROLETTES – the platform to connect and bring together female riders across Europe!

The RÄLLLY is about different tours around many cities in Europe.
On August 7-9. 2020 47 cities in 19 countries were activated.
The challenge is to cross 3 checkpoints that we announce beforehand. Each participant chooses their own route and can decide whether they want to ride alone or in a group.

As evidence of crossing all checkpoints participants need to send us pictures and videos.
Footage of everyone’s fun time will be summarized in our anual RÄLLLY video!

A big shout out to a great moto community!
It was an amazing RÄLLLY 2020 weekend! Thank you all!
#petrolettesrällly #petrolettesally #petrolettes2020

To connect all female riders use hashtags based on your city:
e.g. #petrolettesberlin #petrolettesdublin #petrolettesporto


Along PETROLETTES Rällly 2020 we recieved many pictures and videos. It was really hard to choose best stories, most fun and interesting pictures.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the following categories:

A big thank you to our sponsors:

helmet of your joice from Nolan helmet:
motorcycle jacket and motorcycle gloves by Segura:
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