PETROLETTES WRENCH OFF is a freestyle customizing competition, created to showcase female wrenching skills from all over Europe. The mission is to highlight the work of female mechanics in the motorcycle industry, to raise awareness for women’s contribution to motorcycle culture and to connect and inspire female riders.

PETROLETTES WRENCH OFF celebrates skills, community spirit and the love of two wheels.


We teamed up with ROYAL ENFIELD and sought out the coolest, fiercest and most talented female amateur wrenchers all over Europe. Four teams will each receive a brand new ROYAL ENFIELD TWIN 650 and be tasked with creating an individual build which embodies their particular expertise and style.

The clock is ticking! The teams only have until the end of the August to finish their work. The blood, sweat, and tears of the raw process will be documented by PETROLETTES.

Works-in-progress will be presented at PETROLETTES 2019, and the completed builds will be finally revealed at GLEMSECK101, where they will be put to the test in the sprint races. The WRENCH OFF motorcycles will also be exhibited at more events and festivals across Europe.

Check out how the teams are doing on Instagram, follow the hashtag #PETROLETTESWRENCHOFF !


The women taking on the challenge are as diverse as their bikes will be. Over the next few weeks they will wrench day and night to deliver the most badass build.


»I have always loved to create things. I like playing around with ideas and seeing how I can adapt things I’ve seen. That’s the cool thing about customizing – you can build a motorcycle just the way you really want it.«


Ida discovered her passion for two wheels when she was a still a kid, riding through the southern Swedish countryside on a Puch Dakota and setting up mini dirt tracks with her brother. Although her father had no motorcycle license, his garage was always full of old mopeds, cars and motorcycles. When she got a scooter for her 16th birthday, it was clear, she was never going to stop riding.

»It´s that feeling of freedom, that you really exist… the wind blowing through your hair, the landscapes passing by, the smells… it’s the closest thing to flying.«

Today, Ida is about all things on two wheels. When she got her license four years ago, she bought a Harley Davidson 1200 Nightster and started wrenching and building in a garage she shares with her partner.

She paints helmets, collects vintage bike gear, and writes about customizing and motorcycle travel on her website.

»I would love to customize a Royal Enfield with my own ideas, and my own style… if I get a chance like that, I’m gonna take it, big time! And down to the last detail.«

Model: Twin 650 Interceptor

Find out how Ida is doing on Instagram:

IG @idaliol | www.idaliol.com


»Two rebel hearts who thrive on freedom and the open road, we want to share our passion and do what we love; to be forever inspired and ready for the next adventure. Life is about enjoying the ride. «


Mel a talented mechanic, Christie a traveler and philosopher, both with a fierce and abiding infatuation with motorcycles. Their vision centers around technical strength and utility, with simple elegance. Form follows function. Read: no shiny stuff.

Melanie, born and raised in Berlin, received her certification as a mechanic in 2007. She began studying for her degree in mechanical engineering in 2014, and is now a state-certified technical engineer. Mel is a true petrolhead: she has spent her life working in the motorcycle industry and when she isn’t working, she is wrenching in her garage. She spends her free time taking apart and improving anything she can get her hands on. Her knowledge and skills are the technical backbone of the team.

Christie moved to Berlin after completing her philosophy degree in New York. She has been working independently on various projects while living on the road all across Europe and North Africa.

A free spirit to the core, she is happiest riding her vintage enduro up narrow mountain paths, cooking on campfires on the beach, and sleeping in the woods. These days, she is living in Berlin where she works on vintage Mercedes buses and rides her classic BMW every free moment she gets. Christie has cherished a profound affection for motorcycles since she was a child and although Oldtimers have her heart, she burns for anything on two wheels. Christie’s intensive experience with a wide range of bikes under a wide range of circumstances as well as her aesthetic sensitivity and vision make her an invaluable team member.

Model: Twin 650 Interceptor



»We seize any opportunity to ride. We respect the diversity of the different kinds of motorcycles and how they challenge us, just like people. But it’s easier if you have a thing in common: like the passion for bikes!«


Patricia Kafka and Lill Bonne de Ville met on a ride-out through the Alps with 8 other women. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the beginning of »The Break Fast Club« – a collective of thirteen female riders in Vienna. Patricia is a motorcycle enthusiast, a dirt bike lover, and a sports equipment technology teacher, all while being a mom to a small child. She started riding at a young age and has always been surrounded by the motorcycle community.

Lill has been riding for 10 years and has solo-traveled over several continents on two wheels. Her most recent journey brought her to Australia, where she rode a Royal Enfield down the coast from Sydney. For her, one of the most important and inspiring parts of motorcycle culture is meeting other female riders from all over the world.

Living in Vienna, a city embedded in a beautiful mountainous landscape and full of historical buildings and art, Patricia and Lill’s bike will be inspired by the Art Deco and Jugendstil movement.

Model: Twin 650 Continental

@patricia.kafka | @breakfastclub_moto


»From riding, to writing, designing, sketching painting, racing and building, I dedicate my life to all things motorcycling, with endless curiosity and a whole lot of creative sparks flying around.«


Bella is an automotive, product and graphic designer, as well as a motorcycle blogger and journalist, based in the Bologna area of Italy. Originally from Israel, she moved to Italy in 2011 in order to pursue her dream of living a life immersed in motorcycle culture. Her impressive career includes work at the Ducati Design Centre, a thesis in collaboration with Energica, work for Italjet, various freelance projects and a final Masters thesis (“best of the class”) sponsored by Suzuki.

Bella is a frequent contributor to blogs and magazines in Italy, Israel and the US. Since 2015 she has been a test rider and columnist for online magazines such as MissBiker, collaborated with Inmoto, Women On Bike magazine, as well as Israel’s Moto-Doogri magazine. Bella writes in English, Italian and Hebrew, helping to bring female motorcycle culture to all corners of the world.

In 2017 Bella placed in the 600cc Stock and Open Crono-Climber divisions at the Italian Hill Climb Championship. She is always exploring new ways of experiencing motorcycling on racetracks, flat track, in the snow, and off-road. Through her growing influence on social media she has been sharing her life’s journey and inspiring other women.

»A customizing project for women is so much needed, and ROYAL ENFIELD as a pioneering brand will be rewarded by supporting female motorcycling culture.«

Model: Twin 650 Continental

Follow Bella on Instagram! @thebella.lit | www.thebellalit.com

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