Every year our programme is revved up with a range of events.
In the last years we’ve curated a schedule of talks and workshops by inspiring motor-women, while throughout the festival motorcycle brands will showcase and offer test-rides on their latest models.
In the past it has been our pleasure to have Ducati, BMW, Honda and Suzuki on our event site.
For Petrolettes 2019 we are delighted to welcome Royal Enfield to the track.
At night we go full-beam with our stage show, with a powerhouse line-up of performing female artists, musical acts and a fire shows.
Our burning motorcycle carousel will be with us this year again.

T E R R E   D E S   F E M M E S

What can we do to make an impact and help with a good purpose?
This year we started to help out TERRE DES FEMMES
– a non-profit organisation committed to human rights for girls and women.
Their vision is a world in which all people are equal, independent and free, irrespective of their gender.

TERRE DES FEMMES raises awareness about gender-based violence and tries to change attitudes in society in order to achieve gender equality.

Find out more info here: https://connect-women.de/