Along PETROLETTES Rällly 2020 we recieved many pictures and videos. It was really hard to choose best stories, most fun and interesting pictures.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the following categories:

A big thank you to our sponsors:

helmet of your joice from Nolan helmet:
motorcycle jacket and motorcycle gloves by Segura:
Leatherman® Multi-Tools:


Aug 07-09 2020

Go out and ride!

This is our weekend #petrolettes2020

Thank you for an amazing RÄLLLY weekend!
Photos and videos from all the participating cities will be combined into an Europe-wide video which will be premiered during our digital event! Don’t miss it!
Thank you everyone for your responses. In just a couple of months we were able to activate 45 cities, 19 countries with about 750 registered moto-ladies. We are feeling overwhelmed about all the positive reactions to our plan B.

A big shout out to a great moto community!

Please use hashtags: petrolettes2020 petrolettesplanb and hashtags based on your city: e.g. #petrolettesberlin #petrolettesdublin #petrolettesverona