Petrolettes CIRCLE

Petrolettes founded a non-profit organisation that elevates womxn in motor-sports with a series of events and projects.

Let’s create more diversity in our scene and more visibility for female+ riders.

Petrolettes CIRCLE is the motherboard that nurtures ideas and transforms them into our events. This initiative is not only for those who participate at Petrolettes events but also for those who recognise, advise, support, and simply make things happen. Petrolettes CIRCLE aims towards womxn of all ages and backgrounds interested elevating themselves through motor-sport and the motorcycle lifestyle.

Not just a man’s playground.
We want to support female riders and see the world of sports in all its beautiful colors and variety.

We think its time to see and wach us women all over and everywhere in a strong and powerful way as we know we are.

There is no better way to descibe why we do what we do – It’s just more fun when you do it together!

We stand for equality and believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience something bigger than themselves.

We have already achieved a great deal and have evolved. Now we want to grow further with you to the next level. Your support, skills, strength, ideas and expertise are needed.

Together we are unstoppable!

We want to provide a year-round platform to connect womxn locally and internationally.

A strong community to exchange experiences, opinions and thoughts.

We are a round table which includes all female and motorcycle-related individuals and organisations (clubs, chapters, gangs, networks, collectives etc.).

A strong community equipped to make an impact.

Access our community and get insights, knowledge and benefits.

Take pride in spearheading the change and do good.

If you are intersted to become a member of our inner-circle, please log-in to our COMMUNITY app and register for CIRCLE membership.

We have our own group to network and exchange information.


annual membership fee:  48€

Join PETROLETTES CIRCLE network to be part of something new and exciting. We are developing a members-only digital platform.


We want to be there to help eachother.

We want to hear your ideas.

Let us know if you want to set something up and make an impact.

Together we are unstoppable!

Its all about sharing.

Sharing Knowledge with everyone who wants to develop and better

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