We bring together female+ riders around the globe.

 What unites our community is the passion for motorbikes and a great spirit of wanderlust. We developed a platform that we own and adapt to our exact needs. We create tools for a meaningful engagement with relevant content, as well as bringing together memebers of our growing community.

how it all started

Created in 2016 the first event took place just at the outskirts of Berlin (DE) and included a campground with stage, racing track & market place. Each year the festival moved to a new locations in Germany and grew. Petrolettes established more program points: workshops, big ride out , sprint races, girl bands & performers, marketplace, motorcycle carousel, dunk-tank, yoga, massage booth.

Throughout the pandemic in 2020 Petrolettes couldn’t host the festival anymore and the idea of the RÄLLLY was born.

The RÄLLLY is an annual motorcycle ride out event for female riders worldwide. With the support of a Petroleader in each activated city three checkpoints will be announced, including an official group ride out. Participants can decide whether they want to ride alone or in a group. The aim is to connect womxn and help to find motosisters in each city around the globe.

 Petrolettes launched a non-profit association that supports and promotes womxn in motorsport. With the help of fundings from various government agencies and private owners. We want to promote a series of events and projects.

Petrolettes COMMUNITY is a digital platform but not your average social app. Events, news, knowledge, entertainment, support, special deals, all in one place.  Our goal is to transfer the unique spirit of Petrolettes festival into this media with the spirit to empower all female riders.


Mobiliy has always been a symbol of freedom. Skipping town whenever you want, leaving all your problems behind, riding towards new opportunities and a brighter future. Mobility is directly linked to the opportunity to achieve your dreams.

It’s the classic story of escaping a dead-end town to discover the world and through travel, ourselves. There are many of these stories. When we grow up, we realize this isn’t just a theme from the Hollywood playbook. It’s an actual reality. If you have a car, a bike, or even a bicycle, you can, by your own means, leave places and explore new ones.


However, for too long womxn and girls have been expected to stay in once place; to be the cornerstone of house and home. They have been actively discouraged to travel, to the degree where they have even been forced to hide getting a driver’s license or denied the simple right to drive a car. Womxn have been brought up to be restrained and to ‘keep to themselves’.

Fortunately we have reached a new age where womxn can become the heroes of their own stories. More and more womxn are loud, strong, bold and INVINCIBLE.


Petrolettes is giving a platform to live out this state of mind.

The best Moto-event in Europe! I met so many wonderful girls. Friends that will stay for a lifetime!

Pakistan writer, photographer living in the US

Women Power across generations! Keep on going!

Heidi Hetzer
German entrepreneur and rally driver

The latest Craze: Dirt Couture

Michail Hengstenberg

thanks to all petrolettes for such an amazing and beautiful event.

Rita – Gasoline Girls Spain
mechanic and shop owner, Madrid in Spain