Our moto-sisterhood values are inclusion, respect, empathy, cooperation, and empowerment. We are here for our passion to thrive together while having fun on wheels!

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Petrolettes: Empowering womxn through sisterhood & motorsport

Our vision is to become the world's biggest inclusive community for female+ riders of all kinds of bikes. A global community where alike womxn can find a place for their voice, their vehicle, and their project.
By doing this, we aim to change the ever present male-dominated scene, make lifestyle on wheels more feasible for womxn worldwide and raise awareness about social issues all over the globe.
We pursue to change the prevailing structures in motorsports where men are more respected, and get more support while riding, wrenching, or traveling.
We also aim to transform the industry by advocating for inclusivity and diversity in the production, selling values, marketing, and language. By doing so, we seek to create a more accessible and equitable industry that caters to all individuals, regardless of gender or identity.
We seek to encourage womxn worldwide to shift their perspective and join a way of living that moves on wheels — so they can explore its essence to the fullest, and discover that vehicles also forge free spirits.

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"Freedom is important and getting in touch with people to share, learn, laugh is also a big thing to me. Motorcycles really allow me to reach those points. And I really love the worldwide moto women community. I have so many lady friends around the world this is fantastic."

Alice Peuple @achickonabike Founder of Femmes et Moto

"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!"

Tania Moreirarato @taniamoreirarato Lisboa, Portugal

"We are very proud of the created safe space for lady bikers where we can share trips, issues with equipment, good stories with bikes and lots of smiles. I am very proud that we dont't only ride, but also share initiatives for women empowerment, breast cancer awareness, donation to orphanages and we also share joy of life. We have a campaign "Get to know Bulgaria on two wheels" - we share various historical and cultural places around the country, while riding together on two wheels. So I am looking forward to being part of the Petrolettes CIRCLE."

Lily Ossoyska Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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